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ta we;eï iud.ï u.ska bÈß wem,a ksIamdokj, fmr<shla we;slrk nj lshkakg Tyq tu kï fy<s lr ;snqKd'

  1.     FoundationDB, a business that made database technology for web applications
  2.     LinX, an Israel-based camera company whose tech could end up in this year's iPhone
  3.     Coherent Navigation, a company that worked on high-precision GPS
  4.     Metaio, a German augmented-reality business
  5.     Mapsense, a California company that made tools for location data
  6.     VocalIQ, a British business that made machine-learning software for speech   recognition
  7.     Perceptio, a startup using deep-learning technology to identify images
  8.     Faceshift, a Swiss company that made technology for generating facial animations with a computer
  9.     LegbaCore, a two-person security firm
  10.     Emollient, a California-based artificial-intelligence startup
  11.     LearnSprout, a San Francisco business that made a data dashboard for educators
  12.     Flyby Media, an augmented-reality startup


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